Honest & Efficient Work

Ever since a young child I always had a fascination with cars. If I wasn’t collecting them as toys, I would be spending time with my father and 3 uncles who I would say were typical young lads with there so called “boys toys”. 

I remember visiting them at weekends while they still lived at home together. If they wasn’t messing around with some kind of go-kart or motorbike they would be in the man cave ( garage ) fixing something either mechanically or visually. I remember one of them in particular spraying various parts with fresh paint. As I was watching him mix it together in the tin and prepping the vehicle I was absolutely amazed. 

As they grew older these vehicles which I guess happened to be the first car ( usually a banger ) as we call it was soon upgraded to something new. As most would know this usually means something bigger and faster. As hard working as they were these so called “ boys toys ” happened to turn out to be the iconic classic cars some of us still absolutely love today. Many ford escort and Sierra cosworths, mk1 Mexico’s ,anglia’s,rs turbo’s ect. I remember going to visit most of the classic ford and fast ford shows with them and I guess that my love for cars started right there. 

In my teenage years I remember begging my parents to buy me the classic max power magazines along with attending other shows like modified nationals and even taking a trip to Santa pod every now and then. The car scene was changing. Huge body kits, absolutely flawless paint jobs and even interiors ripped out and completely changed out. I was in love with watching the owners buff a wax or polish onto these amazingly glossy vehicles in the middle of a showroom filled with other car enthusiasts taking great pride in others work. I had never seen vehicles shine the way they did and I was hooked on wishing that one day I would have a vehicle that people would also admire. 

Finally the time came and I had passed my driving test. After driving my parents car around for a short time washing that with a classic old bucket and sponge and learning to polish it as well as friends cars. I was ready to finally buy my own which was a corsa vxr these hadn’t been around for long so was a very surprising hot hatch for some people. I had one vision in mind for that car and that was to make sure it stood out just like the cars I had been admiring at shows for many years before. I spent many full days on the driveway polishing and waxing the Sapphire black paintwork. The car looked great there was never a time it had even a spec of dirt on it which was often noticed by many people. 

A few years down the line after spending time working on my own cars ordering various different detailing products from many different brands I didn’t realise but I had actually grew a lot of knowledge and understanding in how these products work and what ones worked best for me. I was told various times that I should start a business.

It was 2016 and after many people asking me to clean there cars and admiring the time and hours I spent on my own I started a Facebook page called Definition Detail. I had no plans or ideas on what I would do but I was sure I was good enough to provide a service for those in need of a good valet. It started off very slow, I would scrub interiors with some APC and a nail brush as I couldn’t yet afford to buy a wet-vac so this would take me all day or even a few days to complete a job which would now with the correct Equipment take me just a few hours. A few months down the line once the word had gotten around I found myself doing a range of different things from full valets to full details with ceramic Coatings after teaching myself the basics. 

In 2017 I started working for another detailing company. This was an absolute dream for me as I quickly became a Gtechniq accredited detailer. Being a part of this ment not only had I received training on how to correctly apply the protective ceramic coatings and other various products. I had been training with some of the most knowledgeable people in the world. Every single day is a learning curve as each vehicle responds differently whether it be a Ford or a Ferrari. Which is why any new course we can attend is always worthy to keep us at the top of our game compared to other competition. 

Now being 2021 we are back to being fully committed to starting Definition Detail as a full time business which already has a huge following and many satisfied returning customers. I am focused on providing a totally unique experience from the initial quote all the way through to a bespoke collection experience.